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Battle Lines Live from Seattle, Washington

Mike Lio Makes History!

After a grueling and hard hitting night at GWA's Tournament of Bruises, Mike Lio walked out of Wembley Arena as the NEW GWA World Heavyweight Champion, picking up a win over Faith Dunkarino in front of Faith's home crowd. After the match, however, Lio's former Round Table and Double Dragon partner Kmodo Dragon decended from the rafters to apparently make a challenge to the new champion.

Also, CJ Busha won the Tournament of Bruises, defeating Ares and Armageddon of the Shadows of the Underworld before using a sleeper to slay the "Colossal" Michael Brewer in the finals to guarantee himself a shot at the Revelation PPV in 12 weeks from now.

Finally, the war between Apokalupsis and Dorian Ryan finally came to an end after the Eternal Leader of the Shadows of the Underworld was victorious in a blood bath.

Current Champions

GWA World Heavyweight Champion
Mike Lio

International Champion
Dexter Point

GWA Tag Team Champions
Elegantly Hated
(Faith Dunkarino & "The Colossal" Michael Brewer)

© 2014 for the Quote of the Moment: "I accept your challenge, Kmodo" - Mike Lio moments after Kmodo Dragon reappeared. Next Spotlight: Banker's Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN
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